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Hide/Show Hud

First of all you need to enable console with a programm called PCC PATCHER. You can download it here


  1. Download & extract the enclosed folder from the linked zip file to your Mass Effect 2 Binaries folder (usually located here: \\Program Files\\Mass Effect 2\\Binaries)
  2. Open the "PCC PATCH" folder and drag the enclosed files directly into the ME2 binaries folder.
  3. Double click the "PCCPatcher.exe" that is in the binaries folder now and then proceed to the below instructions once the program has opened:
  4. File > Open engine (usually located here: #Program Files\\Mass Effect 2\\BioGame\\CookedPC)
  5. File > Open SFXGame (usually located here: #Program Files\\Mass Effect 2\\BioGame\\CookedPC)
  6. Engine Tab > Unlock in-game console
  7. Main Tab > Save Packages

In-game press Tilde (~) to open up console and enter:

show scaleform

Useful console commands

Command Effect
Setbind <Key> <Command> Binds the specified command to the specified key
playersonly Freezes all bots
tiledshot 6 8196 Makes hi-res tiled screenshot
fov <X> Changes Field of View to the specified degrees
toggle flycam Noclip mode on/off


Mass Effect 2 No Hud

Mass Effect 2 No Hud

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