Darksiders II cover2

Hide/Show Hud

  1. Download and install GeDoSaTo
  2. Open the programm, add Darksiders2 || Darksiders 2 into User Whitelist, then press Close
  3. Press Edit Keybindings and unquote the toggleHUD bind. For example, toggleHUD VK_DIVIDE (without #), press Save and Close.
  4. Download this config file and drop it into  GeDoSaTo/config/Darksiders2
  5. Press Activate and launch the game
  6. In-game press Divide (/) to toggle hud on/off

Deathinitive Edition

Download here HUD Toggle mod for the Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition

Useful Tweaks

Download Darksiders 2 (or Darksiders 2.5.0. ) cheat engine tables to:

  • enable noclip  
  • change FoV
  • freeze the game


Darksiders 2 Guide; DeadEndThrills


Darksiders 2 No Hud

Darksiders 2 No Hud